Make your own Solar Eclipse Pinhole Projector!

Repurpose your Kid Kits box to make a pinhole projector! A small portion of light from the Sun is focused through a tiny pinhole and projected onto a screen inside your box. This is MUCH dimmer than unfiltered sunlight, making it safe to view. Peek through the viewing window to safely observe the image of the Solar Eclipse instead of observing the sun directly! Cool! Follow the 4 simple steps to make yours!

Watch out! NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. The light from the sun is so bright that even a glimpse can permanently damage your eyes forever. Stay safe and always use a projector like this one to watch the Solar Eclipse.

Step 1: Cut a 10 1/4" x 4" rectangle of white paper and tape to the inside of the top flap of your box.

Step 2: On the opposite side of your flap, cut a 2 inch square a half inch from the bottom of your box.

Step 3: Use a push pin to poke a hole at the top of your box on the same side as your 2 inch window.

Step 4: Peek through the window to see if any holes other than your pinhole are letting light in. Use tape to cover the holes.

Now you're ready to use your pinhole projector! Head outside and test it out! Stand with your back to the sun and peek through the window of your projector. You should see a small circle of light inside the box. Tilt your projector up and down to line the pinhole up with the sun and move the position of the light inside your box! Did it work?

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