Week 8: Learn About Beekeepers

Meet a beekeeper...or become one!

Get to know your local beekeeper better, through your continuous support of them. You can also look up your local bee association and get involved. You may even decide becoming a beekeeper yourself is something you would like to do!

Activity 1: Watch this video to see inside a beehive and find the queen bee with this young beekeeper!

Activity 2: Print and make this beekeeper puppet craft!

Step 1: Cut out the beekeeper head and beekeeper body.

Step 2: Draw a face inside the dotted lines of the beekeeper head or cut the dotted line section out and paste your child's picture behind the circle. 

Step 3: Glue the beekeeper face on the top flap of a paper sack. Glue the beekeeper body on the bottom half of the sack.

Step 4: Add bee stickers! (optional)

Have fun playing and imagining that YOU are a beekeeper!

This is how our adorable beekeeper puppet turned out:

For the Grownups:

Be sure to sign up for the adult version of our Bee Inspired mission here!

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