Week 6: Make a Bee Hotel

A bee hotel makes a space for solitary bees to nest. Use natural materials to pack a container that will keep the inside dry. Mount near bee-friendly plants, at least a yard off the ground, facing south to south east…wait and watch for overnight guests! 

Activity 1: How to make your bee hotel to give solitary bees a home!

Step 1: Find a container to up-cycle for your bee hotel. A tin can, plastic bottle, or juice carton will work! (If using a bottle or juice carton, cut the top off to create a wide opening)

Step 2: Cut several strips (approximately 2" x 6") from kraft paper, cardstock, or a paper bag. Roll your strips around a pencil or dowel rod to create a straw shape. Use tape or glue to secure them. These do not need to be perfect and can be different diameters.

Step 3: Insert your paper straws into your container until it is completely filled.

Step 4: Add twine to hang your container horizontally.

Step 5: Hang about a yard off the ground near your bee-friendly flowers or bee habitat garden. Patiently wait and watch for solitary bees and other insects to try out your hotel!

The video below shows a great example of how to make this simple bee hotel!

Activity 2: Here are some fun facts about honey bees from National Geographic to print and review with your child!

For the Grownups:

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