Week 5: Make a Bee Waterer!

Give your bee friends a place to get a drink. Use anything from a bird bath to the base of a pot to make a bee friendly watering hole. Water helps keep bees cool, keeps them hydrated, and it is vital for the bees to feed their brood.

Activity 1: Make a bee waterer to give bees a drink!

Step 1: Find a shallow dish. Avoid using plastic as this breaks down over time and leaches harmful chemicals into the water. You can re-purpose an item you already own.

Step 2: Fill the dish with natural stones or rocks. Many people use glass beads or marbles, but the smooth surface can become too slick for the bees to land on safely.

Step 3: Place near your native bee habitat garden or bee friendly flowers and fill with water. Check and refresh the water often so bees can depend on your water source.

The video below shows a great example and explains why having water readily available is important for bees.

Activity 2: Print and color some of these fun bee coloring pages! Share your beautiful artwork with a friend!

For the Grownups:

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