Week 4: Plant Bee-Friendly Flowers

Pristine yards are waste land for bees. Give bees plenty of areas to forage and cross-pollinate by planting bee-friendly flowers in pots and in gardens. Be sure you are not spraying chemicals or using neonicotinoid (insecticide) coated seeds.

Activity 1: Plant native organic bee-friendly flower seeds indoors while the weather is still cool. These seeds will be ready to transplant outdoors when the weather warms up! Watching seeds sprout and grow into flowers is a great hands-on learning activity for the growing mind!

Here's an excellent list of 25 Bee Friendly Flowers and Plants!

Plan for blooms season-round. Provide bees with a constant source of food by choosing flowers whose blooming periods range from early spring until late fall.

Go to: http://pollinator.org/guides to help you find appropriate native plants and flowers for your area!

A portion of every Kid Kits subscription box, now through the end of May, goes to support a local beekeeper nominated by you! April's subscription box theme is Bees of course!

Activity 2: Let's get crafty!

Print the flower dot sheet, have your child rip bits of tissue paper (about inch pieces), and glue the tissue pieces on the dots. 

Here's an illustrated instruction guide of this activity you can use as a visual for your child.

Activity 3: Print and review these beautiful bee life cycle flash cards. Add them to your flash cards from Week 2!

For the Grownups:

You may wonder if encouraging honey bees to visit flowers in an area with children might be dangerous. It turns out that bees collecting food, called foraging bees, are not likely to sting unless they are stepped on, caught or otherwise threatened. This might not be an appropriate activity, however, for children who are allergic to bees.

This week, our partner for this campaign, Naturally Crated, has created an excellent guide for printing bee friendly plants so be sure to sign up for the adult version of our Bee Inspired mission here.

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