Week 3: Native Habitat Garden

"It is no secret that bees are endangered. With one out of every three bites of food coming from plants pollinated by bees and over 50 percent of the produce section relying on them, it could be said that saving the bees is one of the most important environmental issues of our time.

So what can the home gardener, or a child, do to help reverse the alarming trend of bee deaths? Create a bee-friendly habitat in your yard or in another public place where you garden. It is as simple as the age old cycle of dirt, seeds, water, and sun; something even the youngest toddler can be involved in and be proud of."

Activity 1: Dedicate a space in your yard for a native habitat garden!

1. Find an area in your yard or garden to devote to a safe haven for bees and insects.

2. Create a border with stones, wood, or rope off an area. You could also create a native habitat garden in a raised bed.

3. Let this area grow naturally. Plant native plants in large quantities and let them grow wild. There's no need to weed. Dandelions and clover are plentiful bee food. It will not only give bees a place to call home, but you will reap the rewards of treating them well! (If you live in a colder climate, start native seeds indoors or spend time together planning and making a list of the plants you will add to your bee garden.)

Click here for a great article about planting a bee friendly garden with kids!

Go to: http://pollinator.org/guides to help you find appropriate native plants and flowers for your area!

Watch this short video about creating a native habitat garden for our pollinators!

Activity 2: Don’t pick all the dandelions!

In the beginning of the Spring season, food is scarce for bees. One of the first sources of food for bees is dandelions. It is so fun to observe the bees buzzing about the dandelions. Be sure to save some of these for the bees!

Activity 3: Print a second set of bee flash cards and play a matching game!

For the Adults: This week, our partner for this campaign, Naturally Curated, will be sharing a habitat garden printable so be sure to sign up for the adult version of our Bee Inspired mission here

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