Week 2: Don't Spray!

Chemicals and insecticides cause damage to honeybees and their systems, weakening them and inhibiting them from finding their way back to their hive. This can lead to colony collapse disorder. The worker bees disappear from the hive, leaving only the queen and newly hatched bees behind and thus causing the colony to stop functioning. Also, pesticides can saturate the pollen of flowering plants, be carried back to the hive, and end up in our honey.

This isn't something we need to worry young kids about, but this is an issue we as adults can help with and need to be aware of. For your child, you may explain that bees are dying and it is important that we learn about them so we can help save them. We'll continue learning about bees this week and expand on the Bee Educated week challenge! We encourage you to discuss why bees are important this week with your child. Remember, 1 in every 3 bites of our food is dependent on bees.

Activity 1: Watch this short kid friendly video together to introduce the roles that bees play, how they help us, and to open the dialogue of why bees are so important!

Activity 2: Click here to download your Bee Flash Cards. We suggest printing them on card stock and laminating them after you cut them out.

Activity 3: A very important role of bees that we rely on is pollination! Honeybees account for 80% of all insect pollination. Click here to download your bee maze. Help the bee find the flower to pollinate!

For the Adults:

This week, our partner for this campaign Naturally Crated will be sharing tips to manage pests without using pesticides so be sure to sign up for the adult version of this mission here

Share this link, https://buff.ly/2E1Ih45  to challenge your friends to take the bee pledge with you and get all these fun activities for their kids too! They'll love you for it! 

Click here if you missed Week 1 info and printables!

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