Week 1: Bee Educated!

First, download one Bee Bingo for each child you have and hang on your fridge. Each week we'll send you fun activities that correlate with the week's challenge! To track your child's completed activities, have your child color in the corresponding square on their Bee Bingo or use a sticker to cover the square. We'll be giving away cool prizes along the way so share your completed activities on your social media using #beeinspired18 (be sure to make the post public so we can see).

Click here to download your Bee Bingo!

Activity 1: Read the Bee Poem with your child and take the Bee Pledge! A cute way to have your child sign is by putting yellow paint on their thumb and making a thumbprint on the line. Use a permanent marker to turn their thumbprint into a bee!

Click here to download your Bee Poem and Bee Pledge! (mark on your Bee Bingo when completed)

Activity 2: Click here to download and color your Bee Inspired bookmarks! Cut them out when you're finished. We will be laminating ours to make them more sturdy. (mark on your Bee Bingo when completed)

Activity 3: Spend time reading bee books to or with your child.

Click here to see our suggested bee book list! (mark on your Bee Bingo when completed)

Activity 4: Have a popcorn and movie night to watch Bee Movie! (mark on your Bee Bingo when completed)

For the Adults:

Get your free printable guide here. There's simple ways you as an adult can help save our bees that follows the same challenge themes every week as the kid's! Great tool to follow along!

1. Read this blog, 10 Ways to Save the Bees, from Naturally Curated, who we have partnered with for this cause. It’s a great start to being informed about bees and will be our road map for the next 10 weeks!

2. Watch Vanishing of the Bees Documentary

3. For more ways you as an adult can help with this cause, join Naturally Curated's group!

It’s also important that we share the story of bees and how to preserve their colonies with next generations.  The more we know, the more we can all implement small changes that make a big difference!

Share this link, https://buff.ly/2E1Ih45 to challenge your friends to take the bee pledge with you and get all these fun activities for their kids too! They'll love you for it!

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We'll have fun things in the group during this challenge too!